Keeping Your Workplace Clean, Safe and Law Abiding

Once you have started your new business and gained premises for it, you are legally bound by Health and Safety Law to keep workers, pedestrians and guests safe from harm.

There are a certain amount of rules that you must stick to but it is nothing to worry about and pretty straight forward.

If your company deals with hazardous waste or any dangerous substances, then you will require a license and will need to contact the Health and Safety Executive.

All areas that staff work in should be free of rubbish, waste and obstructions so you will need to organise waste collection and storage to keep things tidy and out of harms way.

Most good rubbish removal companies will hire containers of skips with regular collections so you are able to keep on top of things. Business waste and home waste are different, if you want waste taken away from home then search for home clearance London or type in what area you are in

You could try the Vonvil Junk clearance Website for some advice on this matter.

Risk assessments are also important. You will need to scan the building and identify potential hazards that could cause harm and get things corrected.

Health and Safety posters should be displayed and signs around the buildings for fire exits etc.

Will also need fire extinguishers around the building.

Staff should all have health and safety training and a first aid person.

You will also have to supply staff with adequate cleaning facilities. Toilets that are kept clean, hand washing equipment is available and drinking water is supplied to staff.

For some more information on London rubbish removal and for advice, hints and tips watch the video below.