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Cool Themes & Decors at Optimal Cost in London

Which is the most memorable wedding you’ve ever attended? And what do you recall about the wedding itself? You’d be surprised that some of the dearest memories we have weddings are not so much about the food we ate, the weather, or what was said at the wedding. Instead, we tend to recall the wedding colors, the ambiance of the day, and such like aspects.

In other words, themes and decors tend to stick longer in our minds than anything else. The good thing about a wedding is that you have the power to customize it into any theme that you prefer. The theme or décor could be a reflection of something the couple loves; it’s often a reflection of their tastes and preferences. Thinking of having your wedding in London? Then there are several themes and decors, you can try out without having to dig so deep into your pocket

  • Dare to dream; like we have mentioned, the wedding themes and decors you pick should be a reflection of your individual tastes and preferences. Be bold, be daring; do not be afraid of dreaming big. If you are a hopeless romantic and have always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, then go for the same. You can go to an extent of hiring white horses and chariots, all colorfully designed to actualize your desires and fantasies. The secret lies in being ready to explore and try out new ideas.
  • Trying out common themes; wedding themes and décor never go out of fashion. Even if a friend or someone you know tried out an idea you may have, you can always do it differently. Some of the most common themes today include country themed weddings, beach themed weddings, and Vintage themes, and so on so forth. Whatever it is that you go for, there’s always room for improvement and adding a few enhancements here and there. If you are unsure, you can always hire a professional wedding planner to help you in coming up with the perfect themes and décor for your big day.
  • Keep it uniform; once you have decided on the appropriate wedding theme for your wedding, you should strive to keep it uniform. In other words, everything about the wedding must be tailored towards actualizing the theme. It doesn’t have to wait until the wedding day. Let it be reflected in your wedding invitation cards, on the wedding cake, in the floral arrangements at the banquet halls, the colors you pick for the bridesmaids and page boys, and so on so forth. This is where professional wedding planners come in; you may have an idea of the themes and décor you want in your wedding but without a professional planner, it may be difficult to translate that into reality.

You don’t have to dig so deep into your pocketjust to attain your dream themes and décor on the big day. Work closely with a professional planner to help you stick without your budget, without compromisingyour individual tastes and preferences.

By: Cavendish Banqueting 

How to Spot a Suspicious House Removal Firm

Moving to a new house means on thing, which is hard work!

If you live alone or do not have the time to box everything up, throw unwanted items out and transport the useful possessions to your new property then hiring a removal company to do this for you will help take away the stress and strain of it all. There are two types of removal company which are domestic and commercial removal companies

There are a number of things that will give away if the firm is bogus and we will list them in this post.

A good example should look like the K1 london removal company which is a reputable firm.

First, check out if the firm has an address. All good businesses operate from a base which will give you a point of contact. If there is no address do not even consider employing them.

As well as an address, there should be a landline telephone number attached to it. A warning sign is if a supposed company has just a mobile number.

The company should have a web page also. If they do all of the details of their business will be on it. You will have an idea of how proffesional the firm is from this information. You will be able to enquirer and get a quote for the work needed also.

Staf should be correctly dressed for safety with steel toe cap boots and any other PPE. They should also have had training in manual handling so they know how to lift heavy items correctly to stop anyone becoming injured.

You should be able to pay by debit or credit card. Cash only payments are illegal so avoid a company that only wants under the counter payments.


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