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Cool Themes & Decors at Optimal Cost in London

Which is the most memorable wedding you’ve ever attended? And what do you recall about the wedding itself? You’d be surprised that some of the dearest memories we have weddings are not so much about the food we ate, the weather, or what was said at the wedding. Instead, we tend to recall the wedding colors, the ambiance of the day, and such like aspects.

In other words, themes and decors tend to stick longer in our minds than anything else. The good thing about a wedding is that you have the power to customize it into any theme that you prefer. The theme or décor could be a reflection of something the couple loves; it’s often a reflection of their tastes and preferences. Thinking of having your wedding in London? Then there are several themes and decors, you can try out without having to dig so deep into your pocket

  • Dare to dream; like we have mentioned, the wedding themes and decors you pick should be a reflection of your individual tastes and preferences. Be bold, be daring; do not be afraid of dreaming big. If you are a hopeless romantic and have always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, then go for the same. You can go to an extent of hiring white horses and chariots, all colorfully designed to actualize your desires and fantasies. The secret lies in being ready to explore and try out new ideas.
  • Trying out common themes; wedding themes and décor never go out of fashion. Even if a friend or someone you know tried out an idea you may have, you can always do it differently. Some of the most common themes today include country themed weddings, beach themed weddings, and Vintage themes, and so on so forth. Whatever it is that you go for, there’s always room for improvement and adding a few enhancements here and there. If you are unsure, you can always hire a professional wedding planner to help you in coming up with the perfect themes and décor for your big day.
  • Keep it uniform; once you have decided on the appropriate wedding theme for your wedding, you should strive to keep it uniform. In other words, everything about the wedding must be tailored towards actualizing the theme. It doesn’t have to wait until the wedding day. Let it be reflected in your wedding invitation cards, on the wedding cake, in the floral arrangements at the banquet halls, the colors you pick for the bridesmaids and page boys, and so on so forth. This is where professional wedding planners come in; you may have an idea of the themes and décor you want in your wedding but without a professional planner, it may be difficult to translate that into reality.

You don’t have to dig so deep into your pocketjust to attain your dream themes and décor on the big day. Work closely with a professional planner to help you stick without your budget, without compromisingyour individual tastes and preferences.

By: Cavendish Banqueting 

What is Airbnb

Airbnb is the place to go online if you wish to find accommodation around the world for long or short periods of time.

You will be able to find virtually anything from a small room, bed and breakfast hotel of a whole house or apartment.

The site is a marketplace with thousands of cities to choose from (over thirty-five thousand to be more accurate) read more here at You can set your preferences according to budget, room size and many other requirements that you may have so you get what you exactly want .

These properties and even boats are available in over two hundred countries around the globe also do there is plenty to choose from. You can see more at this Facebook page.

This site can be used by anyone, not just business people traveling the world at short notice.

The way that the business works is that you can browse through the website by first choosing a city that you are going to be staying in and browse the properties available.

You will be able to read extensive information on the property and view clear photos of the accommodation.The unique part of this is it is not like just staying at a hotel or empty apartment. These are peoples real homes that you can rent a room in.

The unique part of this is it is not like just staying at a normal hotel or empty apartment. These are people’s real homes that you can rent a room in and the owners will be there also.

Once that you have identified a place that you would like to stay in the city of your choice, you can then message the owner directly to get further information or advice. By having this personal touch, you will be able find out what the owner is lie prior to your stay.

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Why Hire a Photography Studio

Having a professional photo shoot in a photography studio is exciting. But the process behind getting the best photos can be daunting depending on your level of experience and exposure. One thing that many photographers do to ensure they get quality pictures at the end of the photo shoot is to hire photography studios. Hiring a photo studio has many advantages that include:

Top Quality Pictures

Shooting images in external scenery can be challenging to any individual aiming for quality pictures, as it is hard to control the amount of light in a frame. If you have ever encountered this problem, then hiring a photo studio can be an ideal alternative to try out. That is because most top notch studios are able to create sharp and high end images that are of top quality. What makes this possible for such photo studios is the quality of cameras they poses and, their ability to control the amount of light a photo scene receives thus resulting in quality images

Spot on Printing

Photo studios provide a good environment to get your images as fast as you want them as pictures takes on the scene can be printed out in less than 9 seconds, and without printing or quality errors.

On site Assistance

In cases where you want to take pictures but don’t have the technical ability to follow through, you can hire a photography studio as some of them provide an assistant to help their clients get the best picture experience ever.

Fast Uploads

Hiring a Photo studio can be really beneficial especially if you are keen on sharing information on social media to those who missed your photo shoot.


As a photographer, there are a number of positives you can get from hiring a Photo Studio. Some of them include top quality pictures, onsite technical assistance, fast Photo Uploads and many more. A good website to look at is the official 69 drops Studio page

For more tips you can visit the 69 drops Facebook

How Health Insurance Helps To Lower Your Premium

Health problem for non-work associated injuries can be financially ravaging. Insurance coverage keeps you protected at devastating health care costs as well as shed wages. There is enormous health insurance intends offered every day, the insurance price, as well as its advantages, vary from one strategy to another. Before signing up for a plan, an individual ought to talk to the insurance coverage companies, read the project to become the complete information about the benefits as well as expenses and also the means the program functions.

How Health Insurance Helps To Lower Your Premium

Today, there is a lot more type of health insurance to select from than were readily available just a few years earlier. Standard distinctions between as well as amongst strategies do not longer anymore. Also, there is an enhanced emphasis on the role of consumers in managing their healthcare and also healthcare funds. There is a focus on giving info on the price of care and also healthcare quality at the degree of the doctor, professional medical group, and hospital to assistance customers and also companies select among the many options offered to them. The important things had transformed a great deal when most individuals in the USA had medical insurance has indemnity insurance coverage (additionally called as fee-for-service or standard insurance). This type of insurance policy protection assumed that the medical service provider i.e. medical professional or medical professionals would certainly be paid a charge for each service given to the person.

When we talk about health insurance, we typically indicate the sort of insurance policy that pays medical bills, healthcare facility costs, and also usually, prescription medicine costs. Nowadays, the insurance likewise covers Medicare as well as Medicaid that supplies health insurance protection for sure people, senior citizens, people with impairments and also a particular as well as households with reduced income. Today, the on the internet info aids an individual to compare two best insurance coverage and choose finest amongst it. The insurance policy assists a person for monetary preparing as well as appropriately pick the best ideal for the family. The plan supports in preventing the concern of pricey medical expenses and making sure the dime paid in health plan is spent for your care. It secures you and your family members economically in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury that could be pricey.

Why does a specific need health insurance?

As the science as well as healthcare advances, the means of therapy are likewise increasing at the same time. The primary purpose of medical insurance is to help in spending for treatment. It secures you as well as your member of the family in an unexpected severe ailment and also an injury that could be high in price. Also, you are more probable to obtain regular and routine checkups, if you have an insurance coverage. Every person needs insurance coverage since you could not predict your ailment, injury and also your high paying medical costs. One need seriously to consider the demand for health insurance for very own and household. We additionally recognise that there is interlinking between having health insurance as well as getting safety health care. The research study specifies that individuals having health insurance are most likely to have a regular physician and become care when it is needed.

Just how should one become medical insurance?

A lot of the people become health insurance through their companies or firm which they come from. This is previously known as team insurance policy. Some individuals do not have access to group insurance. In this instance, one may opt to buy their very own personal medical insurance directly from public or independently owned insurance provider. The majority of the Americans in The United States and Canada obtain health insurance through government programs that run at National, State & Local Degrees. Insurance coverage- whether provided by your company or acquired by you – can be both expensive and also complex. To recognise better choice, you have to take insurance medical aid from the specialists and consultants.


Team Insurance policy:

Team Insurance coverage is sold by the companies otherwise by a company which you belong to a union, professional organisation wherein you may become group coverage. The staff member has to pick in between several plans been sold by an employer’s consisting of both indemnity insurance and also managed treatment. Some company could just provide one individual plan. Some group strategies may also consist of oral treatment with the wellness and also clinical advantages with business and economy. Therefore, it is an essential decision to be taken by and also worker before picking any insurance policy benefits provided by the company or an organization. It is also necessary to contrast plans to locate the one that supplies the benefits based on your requirement. As soon as you choose an insurance plan, you generally could not switch over to an additional strategy till next open season, usually established annually.

Person Insurance policy:

In an individual Insurance policy, you get the insurance coverage straight from the Insurance Company. You don’t have any access to the team insurance policy sold by a company or an organisation. When you purchase your insurance, you need to pay entire costs instead of providing a company based upon Group Insurance policy. In an individual insurance coverage, you do not share any expense of values with your employer. You must assess and also pick an individual insurance policy plan that fits your needs at a price that you agree to pay; you need likewise to consult a tax expert to learn whether you are eligible for any tax deduction as per the insurance policy plan and about the kinds of law like discrimination law and other law which include in insurance.

How Health Insurance Helps To Lower Your Premium

Which type of health insurance is right for you?

Whether you choose team insurance coverage or a particular insurance coverage strategy, you need to contrast protection and expenses carefully. You need to compare the adhering to vital aspects like coverage and also benefits, costs, exemptions as well as restrictions, accessibility to health centres, medical professionals, and also other suppliers, etc. with legal business adviser.

One must consider exactly what type of solutions are covered by the strategy? Just how are benefits being availed of medical insurance plan; do you need to submit an insurance claim? When do you require pre-approval to ensure coverage for treatment? What steps do you need to obtain the treatment of you and your family members need? You should make certain how does your insurance strategy work. Do not wait up until you need emergency care to ask inquiries.

Entertainment Tips for Your Event

Have you given the task of organising an event, party or wedding? Maybe you are an event planner seeking new ideas to keep your guests entertained throughout the day or evening. If so we will go through a few wacky ideas in this short blog post to get you thinking and maybe come up with a new idea of your own.

imagesA popular idea is to hire a Comedian. Everyone like a laugh and as long as you do your research this could entertain people of all ages. Obviously if you have children attending you will need to confirm with the person beforehand that there act is family friendly.

Magicians are great for any event and they are not restricted to performing on stage. A good table magician will roam around your event going from group to group performing close up tricks with cards. To find a good act in your area search for something like hire a Magician in Birmingham in your search box. Just add the area that you are in to the phrase.

Celebrity look a likes are a fun way to liven up an event especially if nobody is expecting it. Your guests will be able to pose and have photos with the celeb double and pretend they are the real thing!

As mentioned above, if you have children at the event why not book some entertainment just for them. Face painting would be fun and maybe some adults would get in on the act to!

2If your budget permits, why not hire more than one type of entertainment. This will add variety to your event and that way there will be something for everyone.

So that was a few ideas to get you started. Now its up to you!

Here is a short video to give you some more ideas.