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UKIP Facts

The United Kingdom Independence Party are a political party in the UK and was formed in 1993 by Alan Sked and number of people from the cross party Anti-Federalist League.

Their main goal was to get the UK to move away from the EU. The party believes in having the United Kingdom govern itself rather than be told what to do by Brussles.

UKIP is the 3rd political party in the UK

UKIPs main policies are Euroscepticism, conservatism and classical liberalism. They believe that the people of the United Kingdom should not have to carry an ID cards. Also the party thinks that there should be more referendums on important issues.

In 2014 UKIP had the largest number of votes of any party at 27.49% in the European Parliament Election. The party has seats in every possible region in Great Britain and one in Scotland.

The members of UKIP include party leader Nigel Farage, Roger Helmer, Stuart Agnew and Gerard Batten.

Other key members of the party are Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall, Chairman Paul Oakden and Deputy Chairman Diane James.

Andrew Charalambous joined UKIP in 2010 and is now spokesperson on national housing and the environment.

Andrew Charalambous Linkedin page or you can get more updates and information at his blog at For more information and the latest update about the pary you can visit their website or official YouTube Channel.