Entertainment Tips for Your Event

Have you given the task of organising an event, party or wedding? Maybe you are an event planner seeking new ideas to keep your guests entertained throughout the day or evening. If so we will go through a few wacky ideas in this short blog post to get you thinking and maybe come up with a new idea of your own.

imagesA popular idea is to hire a Comedian. Everyone like a laugh and as long as you do your research this could entertain people of all ages. Obviously if you have children attending you will need to confirm with the person beforehand that there act is family friendly.

Magicians are great for any event and they are not restricted to performing on stage. A good table magician will roam around your event going from group to group performing close up tricks with cards. To find a good act in your area search for something like hire a Magician in Birmingham in your search box. Just add the area that you are in to the phrase.

Celebrity look a likes are a fun way to liven up an event especially if nobody is expecting it. Your guests will be able to pose and have photos with the celeb double and pretend they are the real thing!

As mentioned above, if you have children at the event why not book some entertainment just for them. Face painting would be fun and maybe some adults would get in on the act to!

2If your budget permits, why not hire more than one type of entertainment. This will add variety to your event and that way there will be something for everyone.

So that was a few ideas to get you started. Now its up to you!

Here is a short video to give you some more ideas.

Modern Fitted Wardrobes In London From Fci London

If you are looking for a furniture store in London that sells the best modern fitted wardrobes, then search no more! fci London has it all, here you will find high quality fitted wardrobes that will go a long way in giving your bedroom a great new look.

What are the major advantages of buying modern fitted wardrobes from fci London?

  • One of the benefits of modern fitted wardrobes is that seeing that they are built from floor to ceiling, they don’t trap any dust. Although most people don’t give this much thought, other types of wardrobes tend to trap much dust on the gaps at the top, which may lead to respiratory problems. A fitted wardrobe ensures that no dust is trapped at all.
  • fci London has highly qualified designers who can fit your fitted wardrobe with any door of your preference; folding doors, sliding doors, or even the traditional hinged doors. It all depends with your individual preferences.
  • All modern fitted wardrobes at fci London are made of high quality hard wood, and can last for many years without losing their aesthetic appeal. The wardrobe can also be fitted with any configurations that are deemed necessary in order to blend in with the overall look of your bedroom.
  • You can decide to go for ordinary modern fitted wardrobes, or go for designer fitted wardrobes; fci London has them all.
  • Modern fitted wardrobes are highly customizable; they can be fitted on any type of room regardless of the shape or size. A fitted wardrobe can even be fitted on the corner, so that no space of your bedroom is wasted at all.
  • Drawers, hooks, shelves, racks, etc; all these can be added on the modern fitted wardrobe to ensure that the wardrobe meets your individual needs and requirements. Thus you are able to neatly arrange all your clothes, shoes, and other items.
  • fci London has a reputation for not just selling high quality furniture pieces, but also for advising their clients on how to pick the best furniture. In this case, you just need to take a photo of your bedroom, and the space that you wish to have your fitted wardrobe built. Once the fci London designers have viewed that, they’ll be able to suggest the best modern fitted wardrobe to go for in terms if measurements, size, and design.
  • You also get a 3D visualization of the modern fitted wardrobe at fci London, just to acquaint you with what to expect once you’ve gotten the wardrobe. The 3D imaging includes many aspects and angles, and will help you know whether the fitted wardrobe you’re interested in will compliment the general layout of your bedroom and all else that’s in there.
  • Regardless of whether the design of your bedroom is traditional, contemporary, or modern, you can always get a modern fitted wardrobe that will perfectly fit in.


fci London has high quality modern fitted wardrobes, and you should take advantage of their competitive prices to get one.

Also see about walk in wardrobes

Keeping Your Workplace Clean, Safe and Law Abiding

Once you have started your new business and gained premises for it, you are legally bound by Health and Safety Law to keep workers, pedestrians and guests safe from harm.

There are a certain amount of rules that you must stick to but it is nothing to worry about and pretty straight forward.

If your company deals with hazardous waste or any dangerous substances, then you will require a license and will need to contact the Health and Safety Executive.

All areas that staff work in should be free of rubbish, waste and obstructions so you will need to organise waste collection and storage to keep things tidy and out of harms way.

Most good rubbish removal companies will hire containers of skips with regular collections so you are able to keep on top of things. Business waste and home waste are different, if you want waste taken away from home then search for home clearance London or type in what area you are in

You could try the Vonvil Junk clearance Website for some advice on this matter.

Risk assessments are also important. You will need to scan the building and identify potential hazards that could cause harm and get things corrected.

Health and Safety posters should be displayed and signs around the buildings for fire exits etc.

Will also need fire extinguishers around the building.

Staff should all have health and safety training and a first aid person.

You will also have to supply staff with adequate cleaning facilities. Toilets that are kept clean, hand washing equipment is available and drinking water is supplied to staff.

For some more information on London rubbish removal and for advice, hints and tips watch the video below.



The Business and Economy in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a very healthy economy that largely supports the growth of businesses within a shorter period of time. It is not that there is lack of devotion. Business owners in the country have to work twice as hard as business owners to ensure that they retain the relevance of their business enterprise because there is healthy competition. The good economy was sustained by good business ventures that had constant incomes as is the case today too. The two run hand in hand complementing each other.

The economy is sustained by businesses that have established their roots and are already making constant incomes. Such businesses usually have stability due to their brands which people are familiar with. They create opportunities for the economy to also grow as the businesses expand.

A good economy supports healthy investments from locals and international investors. Everybody wants to invest in a country that has already established itself and hence not struggling to make ends meet. Healthy economies ensure that the standards of living are higher than normal and therefore business is usually booming owing to the simple fact that there is always enough money flowing through the system.

The United Kingdom attracts bus loads of investors such as Fernando who is immigrant and started the well known OM HQ digital Startup which helps local businesses in UK with consultancy services. because they know that setting up a business in the country would be much easier as compared to countries with weaker economies. A healthy economy helps to promote stronger chances for business enterprises to pick momentum at the start and grow into large corporations. As a result, the economy keeps getting stronger and life standards go up.


The business atmosphere in UK is positively thriving. It only requires a fresh mind that is determined to make it work and it does just that by promoting steady growth.


Business is thriving and the economy is as healthy as it could probably get. What better place to set up your business than right here in UK?

What is Discrimination Law?

Discrimination-LawyersDiscrimination laws are laws created by the government to protect you as an individual from words, actions, and treatments that tend to lower you in the estimation of an equal citizen in society, deserving of full human rights and treatment.

Types of Discrimination

These laws usually protect you from discrimination and all forms of harassment on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, and disability, marital and civil status, depending on the extent of the discrimination laws in your country.

For example, if you are a person living with a disability, discrimination laws ensure that you enjoy the same rights as your fellow co-workers. It warrants employers to adjust their work policies and ensure that their application procedures, work environment, disciplinary procedures and dismissal conditions do not depriving you of any rights.

Situations Warranting Discrimination Protection

Discrimination laws ensure that you are protected from discrimination acts while: in work, in school, as a consumer, when in the public domain, as a club or association member and as a citizen or non-citizen. If you live in UK, you are protected by the Equality Act 0f 2010.

Legal action you can take for discrimination

In case you are discriminated upon, you can take a number of definitive steps.

One of them is to first talk with the alleged person and try to solve your problem with him. This may require you to seek the services of a mediator as things might spin out of control.

If this does not work or if you don’t fancy taking this path, you can make a formal complaint to your employer concerning the alleged person. If this doesn’t bear any fruit then, there are discrimination lawyers who can give you the legal advice on how to proceed with filing a complaint in the court of law.


Your rights as a human being are as important as the rights of any individual in the society. Discriminatory laws therefore allow you enjoy your basic human rights, while protectingthe rights of others from infringement.


To get expert personal or Employment solicitor services and advice on Discrimination laws and equality, you can visit www.rllaw.co.uk

Legal Services for Business Clients

From the very outset of forming a business to overseeing its day to day operations, the corporate world would tend to rely heavily on legal expertise which would be extremely beneficial in shaping the way business are managed and run.

Identifying your business strengths

You maybe the owner of a multi-national construction company or perhaps managing a series of shipping companies across the world. During the course of your operations, you may encounter a number of issues which in turn could require some of legal expertise to resolve. This is where identifying your business strengths at the very beginning would aid a team of lawyers or a law firm to fully understand the extent and scope of the task at hand, regardless of the severity of the problem.

Finding the most suited service provider

Dealing with specialists is always the way forward for any business and this is made all the more important when it comes to handling any legal matter. Businesses thrive on expert advice and proper implementation of its strategies. Likewise when seeking the services of a competent law firm either to draft a particular document or provide some legal representation in a court of law, the returns receivable must always be calculated by the party in want of such a service. The more serious the issue the higher the legal fee so it is always essential that you look out for legal expertise that would first serve your purpose and also be justifiable from a commercial point of view.

Choosing the best service

Since the face of the business world is constantly evolving, legal services tend to evolve with it. For a business would not want to obtain the services of a law firm which does not understand the present day practices and is not accustomed to providing a service accordingly. From drafting employee contracts and purchase agreements, offering advice on trademark registration, dealing with contract litigation to even advising on the formation of a company and its structure; a legal service can take on many forms, especially when talking of businesses and companies functioning in a competitive environment. A well established law firm will always strive to deliver a top-notch service which is commercially viable and legally binding and acceptable.